About Us

BMM 2012 officially started production on october 19th 2012 with three basic Cyprus delights (lokum) flavors: walnut, vanilla and rose. In 2013, BMM will launch production of at least eight different flavors of Cyprus delights. First one in that row is Cyprus Imperial delights with hazelnut and walnut. BMM is the first Serbian manufacturer to market a variety of tastes of Cyprus delights. We reveal one - Ambassador Cyprus delight with pineapple, papaya and almonds.

Production of BMM candy factory is modeled by centuries of quality and tradition of Cypriot delight masters. The owner and founder, Mr. Aleksndar M. Babić has lived and worked for seven years in Cyprus. He start partnership with his brother Mr. Babic Mihalis, who is Cypriot citizen, and decided to open factory of confectioners and pastry products in his country, Serbia. He wants to bring traditional Cypriot tastes to his countryman and to whole region.

The BMM company headquarters and factory are located in Draževac near Belgrade, Serbia. Our core business is producing lokum - Cyprus delight, also known as Turkish delight.

We produce Cyprus delights according to the original recipe of Cyprus and from raw materials of high quality according to the latest technological standards.

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